Ritual - Wood, Tuberose & Incense

Ritual - Wood, Tuberose & Incense

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Banishing the days negativity through smoke.  Old world ancient resins including powdered fair trade and sustainably harvested frankincense resin, myrrh, , cerimonial cedar, Guaiac wood, Clary Sage, Tuberose, a touch of warm spice, honey, sweet balsams & earthy vetiver infused in Vancouver Island mountain beeswax….creating a rustic sacred space for a tranquil retreat & purification.  

Nootka cypress,  frankincense , myrrh, clary sage, dark chocolate , guiacwood, tuberose, amyris, amber, vetiver, local beeswax & wood wick.


Small batch local beeswax wax infused with virgin coconut oil, plant extracts, essential oils, resins and floral waxes hand poured  into a violet glass jar and gift boxed in a protective matte black tube.

Extremely long burning!



How to care for your candle:

  • A natural candle takes a little longer to release its' aroma, approximately 1 hour, so always light in advance to delightfully infuse your sanctuary. Since these candles are formulated with natural & botanical ingredients, the scent throw is more subtle than synthetic fragranced candles.

  • Best burned 2-4 hours at a time, allowing for wax pool to reach the walls of the jar, this will prevent tunnelling in the candle. Burning your ceremonial candle over 4 hours may cause the wick to become too long and could start smoking.

  • Trimming the candle wick after they burn is important to prevent them from smoking on the next burn or from burning the sides of the glass.  To re-light wood wick lightly break off charcoal bit + hold flame to fresh wood until it lights.


80-90 hour burn

*reusable packaging for preserving precious herbs & salts!

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