COLONIAL BLACK TAPERS - frankincense infused mountain beeswax

COLONIAL BLACK TAPERS - frankincense infused mountain beeswax


10" Colonial Black Beeswax Taper set of 2

Vancouver Island beeswax, naturally perfumed with subtle warm, sweet fragrance of honey & powdered fair trade and sustainably harvested frankincense resin.

These black pure beeswax candles create a beautiful ambiance with their very special natural light, as their golden flames glow with the same spectrum of light as the sun. Exceptionally long burn times for those intimate evening gatherings, beautifully perfumed with the warm, sweet, fragrance of honey. They are also amazing for positivity purposes such as casting out baneful energies, absorbing illness & nasty habits as well as improving the air we breathe by releasing negative ions. Each candle has its own unique rustic charm due to the nature of being handmade. Overtime, a beautiful patina of a powdery bloom will come out from within the wax of the candle. This is how you know how pure your beeswax is!

Properly maintained beeswax will not smoke or create soot, but always keep out of drafts, properly distinguish to prevent potential wax splatter and use protective vessels.

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